Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hood Accessories

Canopy Lights

Surface Mounted LightingStreivor Hoods use two different types of lighting: Recessed Lighting and Surface Mounted. From canopy hood lighting, LED lights for hood exhausts, and recessed canopy hood light fixtures, Streivor’s kitchen hood lights are the highest quality and meet NFPA fire code standards.

Enclose Grease Collectors

Grease CollectorType I CKV hoods provide a means to capture, contain and exhaust grease-laden air and exhaust gases. In an enclosed metal container having a capacity not exceeding 1 gallon.

Containment Panels

containment-panel-lgHoods fitted with Streivor Air Systems Containment Panels™ can achieve up to an additional 10% reduction in exhaust flow rates.

Ceiling Enclosure Panels

Wall-flashing-hoodsStreivor stainless steel enclosure panels extend from the top of the hood to the finished ceiling. Made from matching materials.

Utility Cabinets

utility-cab-drawingHood Utility Cabinet (HUC) assembly to be per size and shape. Cabinet constructed with angle iron frame and stainless steel body. The removable door panel to have a recessed s/s door pull, full grip type

Insulation Panels

Insulated PanelsStreivor’s Insulation Panels are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Designed to hold up extremely well in harsh kitchen environments. Made from Type 304 or 430 stainless steel. Insulation panels are fabricated with 1″ thick-insulation.

Mounting Brackets

hanger-bracket-smIt is recommended that the hanging rods be installed prior to the installation of the ducting system. The hood should be placed on an approved lifting device and elevated to the height specified on the Streivor Air Systems hood drawings.


standoff2There is a consensus between multiple regulatory agencies that 18 inches is a minimum clearance from a Hood Enclosure to any combustible material. A Standoff of 1”, 3” or more may be used to achieve the required clearance from combustible or limited-combustible materials.

Supply Plenums

Hood with PlenumExternal plenums are a great alternative to internal supply plenums. They do not sacrifice valuable hood containment area and can be retrofitted to almost any hood and are generally less expensive than internal plenums.


Switches for HoodsA Lighted Toggle Switch may be used to start rooftop exhaust fan(s) that exhaust a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) system as well as turn on CKV hood lights. The switches may be wall mounted or possibly mounted on Utility Cabinet attached to the CKV hood.

Access Enclosures

Access EnclosureHood and/or duct mounted enclosure with removable cover that protects hood and duct mounted monitoring equipment and allows access to the equipment through the hood.

Balancing Damper

BalanceAire DamperStreivor’s patented internally adjustable Balancing Damper, BalanceAire, are engineered to be installed in hoods or ducts in close proximity to the hood’s exhaust plenum. The patented design helps with facilitating airflow balancing.