SmartAire™ Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Hood

The engineers at Streivor Air Systems™ set out with one goal in mind — to develop the most energy efficient commercial kitchen wall canopy hood ever.

Our SmartAire™ (SA) hood is engineered to be installed over varying types of cooking equipment with various types of cooking techniques and cooking temperatures, yet utilize the lowest possible total hood exhaust flow rates to exhaust all of the effluents being produced by the cooking equipment.

SmartAire Hood Features

Maximum Energy Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly

Smartaire technology

SmartAire™ Technology

Streivor Air Systems hoods with SmartAire™ technology are some of the most energy efficient wall canopy hoods ever invented.

SmartAire is achieved by using Streivor’s patented ExtractAire™ adjustable high velocity, high slot cartridge filters and the patented SmartAire technology adjustable high velocity, low volume streams of air into Streivor’s canopy hood design.

SmartAire allows a Streivor hood of any length to be segmented into individual unique hood segments as small as 20 linear inches.

SmartAire allows the airflow in each hood segment to be individually adjusted. The exhaust and supply air flow can be increased or decreased, to achieve the most optimum airflow rate for the capture and containment of effluents exhausting from specific cooking equipment installed directly under each individual hood segment.

Streivor’s containment panels can be added to any Streivor hood with SmartAire technology and can achieve up to a additional 33% reduction in exhaust flow rates.


Every aspect of the hood was looked at for ways in which to improve the fluid dynamics of the air movement with in the hood to enhance the capture and containment capabilities of the interior and exterior of the hood canopy.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Adjustable ExtractAire™ Air Flow

The addition of low volume high velocity air streams were researched. When they were found to be beneficial in improving the capture and containment characteristics of the hood as well as reducing the amount of radiant heat escaping from the cook line into the kitchen they were strategically engineered into the hood design.

Another significant break through in energy efficiency came as a result of Streivor Air Systems™ engineers inventing the totally new concept SmartAire™, Segmented Air Stream Technology. SmartAire™ allows a larger hood to be segmented into individual smaller hood segments along the length of the hood body.

A main reason that past wall canopy hood designs were less energy efficient than Streivor Air Systems™ wall canopy hoods with SmartAire™ was due to the fact that the minimum hood exhaust rate was determined by the hottest piece of cooking equipment underneath the hood. That minimum exhaust rate was then multiplied by the length of the hood without any consideration given to the other types of cooking equipment that were installed in the same cook line underneath the hood. Quite often a common cook line will have several pieces of cooking equipment that cook at lower temperatures relative to the other pieces in the cook line, yet since prior hood designs did not have the capability of segmenting the hood, the benefit of lower exhaust flow rates over the lower temperature pieces of cooking equipment could not be realized.

The Streivor Air Systems™ Wall Canopy Hoods with SmartAire™ are the first ever hoods that can be adjusted into segments to take advantage of the lower exhaust rates required to exhaust lower temperature cooking equipment that is installed in the same cook line under one hood with higher temperature cooking equipment.

Adjustable SmartAire™ Air Flow

Adjustable SmartAire™ Air Flow

The SmartAire™ hood is fitted with the patented Streivor Air Systems ExtractAire™ high slot high velocity adjustable cartridge filter and two adjustable air streams which run continuously along the length of the hood.

Each cartridge filter and each air stream is adjustable in as small as 20” increments. Segments of the hood that require lesser amounts of exhaust air can be adjusted to exhaust less air than areas of the hood that require more exhaust. As a result a hood with Smart Aire™ can take full advantage of those areas of the hood that are installed over cooking equipment with lower cooking temperatures and require less amounts of exhaust air, and redirect that saved exhaust air to an area of the hood that will be benefited with higher exhaust flow rates.

The adjustability of the air streams also adds additional hood efficiencies and energy savings. Streivor Air Systems™ research showed that unique adjustments to the air streams could be very beneficial in enhancing the capture and containment characteristics of the hood for varying cooking equipment and temperature. Adjustments such as increasing the lower air stream and upper air stream supply volumes over charbroilers, and increasing the lower air stream and decreasing the upper air stream supply volumes over convection ovens and decreasing the lower air stream and upper air stream supply volume over steam ranges showed to be beneficial.