Commercial Kitchen Hoods
Cooking Type I (Type 1)

Type I Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods are designed primarily for fire containment and secondly to capture and remove heat, smoke, condensation and grease by-products from cooking operations. Type I hoods are fitted with either Baffle Filters or Grease Cartridges that capture air vapors above fryers, grills, and gas ranges. Streivor hoods utilize thermal updraft technology and industry leading grease extraction to provide superior performance with low operating costs.

Each Hood model has been tested over specific types of cooking equipment and for a maximum appliance temperature. This allows the ventilation designer to choose the correct ventilation hood – one which is specifically designed to exhaust all of the contaminated air being produced from the cooking equipment under it, while exhausting the lowest amount of air possible.

Choose from Single Filter Bank, Double Filter Bank, Low Proximity and Custom Hoods for your commercial kitchen needs.

Cooking Type I Restaurant Hood
Canopy Single Filter Bank
Canopy Double Filter Bank Comericial Kitchen Hood
Low Proximity Commercial Kitchen Hoods
Custom Type 1 Commercial Kitchen hoods