About Streivor

Streivor's Headquarters, Livermore, CA

Streivor’s Headquarters, Livermore, CA

In 1989, Streivor became incorporated and started business. Streivor’s goal was to continually strive and develop a strong, lasting foundation built on hard work, integrity, consistency, honesty, quality products and service. Streivor’s initial product line consisted primarily of fabricated stainless steel products for the commercial food service industry. Streivor’s products included stainless steel scullery sinks, dish tables, work tables, shelving, and custom equipment to name a few. Streivor’s products and work ethics were quickly accepted by the professionals in the commercial food service industry and Streivor saw rapid sales growth in a very short period of time.

In 1991, Streivor became a licensed C-43 sheet metal contractor and company expanded from solely a manufacturing company to a manufacturing and contracting company. Streivor’s expansion into the contracting field led Streivor into the installation of Streivor’s manufactured products as well as the manufactured products of other companies. As Streivor was installing manufactured products of other companies it became apparent that there were several opportunities to expand into additional product areas. This was due to the fact that the other companies were not manufacturing their products to the high level of quality, design, engineering or value that Streivor was incorporating into their products and service.

Streivor provides manufacturing and engineering services for custom designs, training, to meet our customer’s specific wants and needs.