DemandAire DemandAire-gold-text

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV)

  • Variable Speed Fan Motor Control
  • Zonal Hood Canopy Temperature Monitoring
  • HMI – 5.7″ Color Touch Screen
  • PLC – Building Management Communication
  • Optional Programmable Time Clock 
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drives

Human Machine Interface

5.7″ Touch Screen(s), Color, 640 x 480 pixels, PDF Storage/Data Logging (32 GB SD Card)

Programmable Logic Control

PLC provides advanced control logic and system communication

BMS Communication

Modbus TCP via Ethernet

Hood Temperature Monitors

Resistance Temperature Detectors, Hood Canopy and Exhaust Collar Mounted

Ambient Temperature Monitor

Room Ambient Temperature Monitor(s)

Digital Outputs

Exhaust and/or MUA Fans, Light Circuit(s), Electrical Gas Valve Circuit(s)

Analog Outputs

4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC signals for Variable Speed Motor Control

FSS Integration

Upon Fire Suppression System actuation, automatically shunts power to MUA Fans and Electric Gas Valve, powers the  Exhaust Fan(s) at 100%. Provides system Alarm Signal and Manual Reset Relay for Gas Valve

Energy Analysis

24/7 DCKV Energy Usage and Cost Savings Analysis

Auto Exhaust Fan Control

Automatically powers the Exhaust Fan circuit(s) when the RTDs detect elevated temperatures inside of a hood

Fan Control

Hood Fans, Off/On 0-100% Variable

Light Control

Hood Lights, Off/On


Type I Stainless Steel Enclosure(s)


Local and BMS Alarm Notification with Alarm Logging

DemandAire Gold

Zonal Temperature Monitoring

DemandAire Gold Demand Controlled Ventilation System for Commercial Kitchen

1. HMI Wall Mounted (Recessed Shown)

2. Zonal Temperature Monitoring

3. Ambient Temperature Monitoring

4. Wall Canopy Hood

5. Resistance Temperature Detectors

6. Light Fixtures

7. Exhaust Duct

8. Exhaust Fan

9. Access Enclosure

10. Electric Gas Valv

11. Fire Suppression System

12. DemandAire Control Panel
(Cabinet Mounted Shown)

13. Hood Utility Cabinet

14. Fire Suppression System Pull Station

15. Cooking Appliances

16. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). DemandAire Gold DCKV Systems require VFDs. The VFDs can be supplied by Streivor or purchased separately. VFDs can be installed inside of the DemandAire control panel or installed in a remote enclosure.