Enclosed Grease Containers

Type I Commercial Kitchen Ventilation CKV hoods provide a means to capture, contain, and exhaust grease-laden air and exhaust gases. CKV hoods are designed so that as little grease as possible is allowed to collect in the Hood and/or Filters. As the filters remove the grease from the airstream, it drains into a pitched filter grease drip tray which then drains down to an enclosed metal container, Grease Collector, with a capacity of no more than 3.8L (1 gal).

UL 710 also requires that the Type I CKV Hood be equipped with a Drip Tray beneath the lower edges of the filters that is kept to the minimum size needed to collect grease, and pitched to drain into an enclosed metal container having a capacity not exceeding 3.8 L. (1 gal). UL 710 offers no exceptions to this requirement.

Wall Canopy Grease Collector

Wall Canopy Enclosed Grease Container (Front)

Island Canopy Grease Collector

Island Canopy Enclosed Grease Container (Top)

Streivor Grease Collector Back

Wall Canopy Enclosed Grease Container (Back)

Streivor Grease Collector Island Hood Side

Island Canopy Enclosed Grease Container (Sides)