Self-Cleaning Ultraviolet Light Technology Hoods

UVC Lamps
Are installed with a minimum of 10 cm of spacing between the lamps

10 cm Minimum Spacing
Provides ample spacing for efficient photo-dissociation to occur

Oxygen Atoms turn into Ozone molecules when contacted by UVC light.

Eliminates and/or reduces grease deposits in the hood and duct.

UV Lights on in Commercial Kitchen Hood

Standard Features:

  • Hood Exhaust Plenum and Duct Cleaning Technology

  • Hood Extractor, UVC Lamp Status, and Fan Status Safety Monitoring
  • Laboratory Tested and Proven Technology
  • Easy UVC Lamp Replacement without Removing Fixture
  • Optimal UVC Lamp Spacing for Maximum Ozone Production

Optional Features:

  • Add Self-Cleaning Rotating Water Wash Technology
  • Add Hot or Cold Water Duct Fogging System

Streivor’s Self-Cleaning Ultraviolet Light Technology Hoods provide a self-cleaning solution for Type I Commercial Kitchen Hoods and exhaust ducts. Ultraviolet light has long been known for its air, water, and surface sterilization qualities in healthcare, agriculture, printing, and HVAC applications. When safely introduced into Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) systems, type UVC ultraviolet light has specific characteristics which ultimately result in a reduction of cooking odors and chemical breakdown of grease compounds into substances which are easier to clean.

Streivor’s Self-Cleaning Ultraviolet Light Technology Hoods include stainless steel UVC Lamp fixtures installed against the back and/or top of the interior of the hood exhaust plenum. The UVC Lamps are designed to turn on automatically whenever the hood is exhausting. The UVC light reacts with the exhaust air through a chemical process called photodissociation in which oxygen molecules are broken down into oxygen atoms by photons. The oxygen atoms and remaining oxygen molecules combine to form ozone molecules which chemically react with organic compounds in the grease laden vapor of the exhaust air to form easy-to-clean byproducts, namely water vapor and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction, known as Ozonolysis, significantly reduces buildup of grease deposits in both the hood exhaust plenum and grease exhaust duct. This process results in reduced cleaning and maintenance costs as well as improved safety for the kitchen staff by decreasing the likelihood of grease fires in the exhaust duct.    

Dirty Duct

30 Days of Cooking Without UVC Light

Clean Duct

30 Days of Cooking With UVC Light

Simplified Maintenance and Safety Switches

UV Lamp Fixture Removal

Pressure Switch

The Ozone produced by the UV Lamps is harmful to breathe and can cause respiratory irritation, shortness of breath, and even permanent lung damage. Streivor’s Ultraviolet Light Technology Hoods include a UL Listed adjustable pressure switch which proves that the grease exhaust fan is on prior to allowing the UV lamps to turn on. This keeps Ozone from accumulating and leaking out of the hood exhaust plenum in the event that the grease exhaust fan turns off when the UV lamps are still on. The pressure switch can be accessed from below the hood and is adjusted by a Streivor technician during the commissioning process.

Filter Bank UV Commercial Kitchen Hood

Extractor Positioning Switches

Since direct exposure to UVC light is hazardous to both skin and eyes without the proper protective equipment, Streivor has taken additional measures to ensure personal safety when operating cooking appliances below Ultraviolet Light Technology Hoods. The hoods are designed with stainless steel Grease Extractors which prevent UVC light from escaping the hood exhaust plenum. Extractor Positioning Switches are installed above each Grease Extractor to ensure all Grease Extractors are in the correct position before allowing the UV Lamps to turn on.

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