Access Enclosures

Streivor™ Air Systems introduces Access Enclosures — the first ever UL 710 Listed hood and duct mounted enclosures with removable cover that protects hood and duct mounted monitoring equipment, and allows access to the monitoring equipment through the hood.

Access Enclosures

The Challenge:

Monitoring equipment designed to measure conditions inside of hoods and/or ducts needs to be easily accessible for adjustments, servicing, and/or replacement. Accessing the hood or duct mounted monitoring equipment from outside of the hood or duct does not meet the requirement of being easily accessible. Often times, the monitoring equipment is not accessible at all due to ceilings, walls, or other obstructions.

Streivor Hood and Duct Enclosures

The Solution:

Streivor™ Air Systems UL 710 Listed Access Enclosures with UL 1978 seals solve the easily accessible challenge. Streivor’s Access Enclosures are engineered to be fully welded into hoods and/or ducts, while still incorporating a removable protective cover that seals the Access Enclosure, protect the monitoring equipment, and is easily accessible from inside the hood or duct. When the cover is removed from the Access Enclosure, it allows easy access for installation, adjustments, and servicing to the inside of the protective enclosure, and thus the monitoring equipment.

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