Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) Hoods

Types of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

Streivor manufactures the highest quality, most energy efficient Commercial Kitchen Ventilation hoods in the industry. Streivor’s Type I UL 710 Listed and Type II Hoods are installed in commercial kitchens, restaurants and other food preparation facilities around the country. Hoods are available in overhead wall or island canopy or low proximity designs. And, we do custom designs!

Each kitchen hood is custom made and engineered to the meet the requirements of the cooking appliances and the building conditions. Options include: SmartAire energy enhancing technology; ExtractAire high velocity grease extractors; DemandAire Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems; and, BalanceAire internally adjustable balancing dampers. Our hoods can be accessorized with recessed or surface mounted light fixtures, Make Up Air plenums and energy saving containment panels.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods (Type I Grease Hood)
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods (Type II heat and steam)
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods (Dish Machine Hoods)

Type I Commercial Kitchen Hoods are designed to capture grease and smoke from cooking operations.

Type II Commercial Kitchen Hoods are designed to capture vapor and smoke from cooking operations.

Dish Machine Commercial Hoods are designed to capture vapor from commercial dish washers. Shown with optional condensate baffle.