ExtractAire High Velocity Cartridge (HVC) Filter

ExtractAire™ HVC Grease Filters are engineered for use in CKV hoods requiring a filter that is Listed to the UL 1046 Standard. The ExtractAire™ HVC Filter design and construction provides the ultimate fire protection and grease extraction for heavy duty CKV environments.

The ExtractAire HVC filter provides total air flow control within each individual filter. The operator can increase or decrease the airflow through each filter by simply moving the adjustable diverter choke up or down. This feature gives the installer the ability to customize the air flow segments within a hood that contains ExtractAire HVC filters.

The ExtractAire HVC is built to last indefinitely. It is constructed from heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel with a strong “all welded” body. Under normal use the HVC filter should never need to be replaced.

ExtractAire™ High Velocity Cartridge (HVC) Filter
UL Classified

Features / Benefits

High Velocity Cartridge Multi-Stage Filter
  • Grease extraction efficiency: 50% @ 8 microns
  • 3x more efficient than a baffle filter
Triple Wall Construction
  • All welded stainless steel construction provides the ultimate fire barrier
Tunnel Ram
  • Increases the exhaust air speed inside of the filter to 4x the entrance speed
Adjustable Choke
  • Allows for airflow control within each filter
  • Grease is not collected in the filter
Open Bottom Design
  • Allows access for thorough hand or machine cleaning
Dishwasher Safe
  • Fit 3 at a time into a commercial dish wash machine
ExtractAire™ High Velocity Cartridge (HVC) Air Flow Characteristics