Containment Panels

Streivor Air Systems Containment Panels™ can be added to any Streivor Air Systems™ Type I (Type 1) Canopy Hood that is placed against a back wall. Hoods fitted with Streivor Air Systems Containment Panels™ can achieve up to an additional 10% reduction in exhaust flow rates.

The Containment Panel is fabricated of the same material and with the same finish as the hood. They are fabricated using a continuous double hemmed edge on the front and bottom and are easily attached or detached to the side of the hood by means of Stainless Steel fasteners which screw into recessed non corrosive rivnuts installed in the side of the hood. All welds to be ground smooth and polished to a #4 finish. Choose from light duty and heavy duty size options.

Light Duty Containment Panels

Light Duty Containment Panel

Heavy Duty Containment Panels

Heavy Duty Containment Panel