Balancing Dampers

Streivor™ Air Systems, BalanceAire™, internally adjustable balance damper for kitchen ventilation hoods is the first ever UL 710 Listed Variable Volume Low Profile Damper with independently adjustable opposed blades that can be locked, unlocked and adjusted from the inside of the damper through the hood.

  • UL 710 listed for use in hoods and ducts
  • NFPA 96 compliant
  • Adjustable opposed blades
  • 100% open to 95% closed
  • Locking, unlocking and adjusting hardware is located inside of the damper,
    accessible through the hood
  • Low profile design
  • All welded construction
BalanceAire Balancing Damper
Streivor Patented

Patent No. D634419

The Challenge

Connecting multiple hood exhaust collars to a common exhaust duct while maintaining the desired amount of exhaust airflow through each individual hood exhaust collar.

Commercial Kitchen Hood out of Balance

The Solution

Streivor™ Air Systems BalanceAire™ variable volume, low profile, adjustable opposed blade, dampers. The balancing dampers are engineered to be installed in hoods or ducts which are in close proximity to the hood’s exhaust plenum. The locking, unlocking and/or adjustments to the opposed blades can be made by accessing the BalanceAire™ through the hood. This eliminates the need to access the outside of the damper for adjustments. Otherwise, the damper may be inaccessible due to obstructions such as ceilings, walls, fire shafts, fire wrap materials, space restrictions or enclosures. The low profile opposed blade design is the perfect solution for balancing exhaust airflows in the extremely limited space, often available above or behind commercial kitchen ventilation hoods.

The opposed blade design of the dampers allows for an infinite amount of minute adjustments ranging from 100% open to 95% closed. This patent pending design is capable of facilitating airflow balancing by creating airflow restrictions from minor to major. BalanceAire™ Dampers are UL 710 listed and are approved for installation in exhaust hoods and grease ducts for commercial cooking equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Hood in Balance with BalanceAire

Balancing Positioning

Balancing Blade on Damper

Edge Detail

Balancing Air Dampers for Hoods


Minimum height of the balance damper is determined by the damper width:

Balancing Damper Dimensions
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