Streivor — Leading in Innovative Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Technologies

Streivor Air Systems™ is a leader in Commercial Kitchen hood Ventilation Solutions. Starting with our patented SmartAire™ hood and ExtractAire™ cartridge filtration systems to our patented BalanceAire™ hood dampers and DemandAire™ Demand Air Control System, Streivor is leading the way in a revolution of cutting-edge technology with the purpose of energy conservation and the highest level of exhaust and grease extraction available. Streivor is advancing forward with the addition of Self-Cleaning Hood Technology. The Self-Cleaning Rotating Water Wash (RWW) hood uses an innovative patent pending design to clean the hood’s exhaust plenum and grease extractors. The Self-Cleaning Ultraviolet (UV) Light Technology hood significantly reduces buildup of grease deposits in both the hood exhaust plenum and grease exhaust duct. Individually or in combination these Self-Cleaning Hoods offer a powerful solution in reducing cleaning and maintenance cost as well as decreasing the likelihood of grease fires in the exhaust duct.
SmartAire Hoods
ExtractAire Cartridge Filters for Commercial Kitchen Hoods
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