Wall Flashing

Stainless Steel Wall Flashing is the Food Service Industry’s preferred material when comes to protecting the walls within a kitchen. Stainless Steel is durable, relatively easy to clean and maintain and holds up extremely well in the harsh kitchen environment.

Streivor fabricates Stainless Steel flashing from Type 304 or 430 20 gauge stainless steel. The Stainless Steel is polished in one direction to a number 4 180 grit finish. Flashing can be fabricated in flat or 1” thick insulated panels. Matching End and Middle Battons, and Flooring Cap, are available to facilitate the installation of the Flat Wall Flashing. Top and Bottom Channels are available to facilitate the installation of Wall Flashing with 1” Insulation.

To read more about Wall Flashing see pages 30 and 31 in Streivor’s Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual.