arrowsExtractAire Absorb Filter for HVCMS Cartridge

Streivor’s Absorb Filters are engineered for use in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods to capture effluents produced during commercial cooking. The Absorb Filters can capture grease particles as small as .05 microns and can achieve 100% capture and containment of grease particles 8 microns and larger.

hvcms-absorb-filterAirborne grease particles that come into contact with Streivor’s Absorb™ Filters are absorbed and entrapped in the organic fiber. The entrapped grease particles remain in the Absorb™ Filter until the filter is removed and disposed. The Absorb™ Filters contain an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent for added health and sanitation security. The Absorb™ Filters are sustainable, biodegradable, and landfill safe. Removing a high percentage of the grease particulates from the exhaust air stream is extremely beneficial. Reduced emissions improve air quality and protect the environment. Reduced grease particle emissions also decreases the amount of grease buildup on the hood, ductwork, exhaust fan, and rooftop surfaces. This reduces fire hazard potentials and the amount of service and cleaning required to maintain the kitchen exhaust system.

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