Supply Plenums

Supply plenums are a convenient method to bring Make Up Air (MUA) into the kitchen space. They are designed to fit on any open side of a CKV hood. A key advantage of a supply plenum is that it allows a high volume of MUA to return at a low velocity which minimizes air turbulence in the kitchen. This is accomplished by use of a perforated metal diffuser running the full length of the hood. The MUA plenum is fabricated of stainless steel that is welded and polished to match the hood. Streivor offers four types of plenums – Supply Plenum Down Air, Supply Plenum Front Air, Supply Plenum Front and Down Air and Supply Plenum Rear Air

Make Up Air Plenum

Hood with Downward Supply Plenum

Make Up Air Plenum Examples

Supply Plenum Down Air (SPD)

Supply Plenum Front Air (SPF)

Supply Plenum Front and Down Air (SPC)

Supply Plenum Rear Air (SPR)